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How To Make A Túró Rudi Cake

If you live in Hungary, you MUST know what a Túró Rudi is.
If you don't, shame on you! It is the most amazing Hungarian dessert, that has ever existed.(since the end of the 1960s)
They sell more than 400 million Túró Rudis in a year.

(for measurements, see the introductory blog)
You need the following ingredients to make a Túró Rudi Cake:

For the sponge: 
- 2 eggs
- 6 dkg sugar
- 1 dkg unsweetened cocoa powder
- 6 dkg flour
- 1/2 coffee-spoon baking powder
- a little nutella cream

For the cream:
- a level tablespoon of gelatin
- 25 dkg powdered sugar
- 50 dkg cottage cheese
- a package vanilla sugar
- a lemon
- 1 dl sour cream
- 2 1/2 dl cool cream (it will be whipped)

On top of it:
- unsweetened cocoa powder

- First of all, we need to preheat the oven to 175 C°
- Next, we need to find a cake pan with about a 24 cm diameter
- We need to put butter and then a little flour on the bottom of the pan

- For the sponge, we need to mix the flour with the baking powder, and we should add the cocoa powder.
- In a different bowl, we should mix the eggs with the sugar, using a mixer.
- Using a wooden spoon, we should carefully stir the cocoa-flour mixture into the egg and sugar mix.
- We should put this dough into the pan, and bake it for approximately 12 minutes.
- When it's done, we should let it cool.
- When the sponge cooled down, we may put the nutella on top of it, just as much as you prefer. (I don't use much of it, because it will be sweet enough)

- For the cream, we heat 1 dl water and mix it with a level table spoon of gelatin and stir it until it dissolves. DO NOT BOIL!

-We mix the powdered sugar with 3-4 table spoons of hot water, and stir it until it becomes a smooth cream.
- Then, we add the cottage cheese, the vanilla sugar, a table spoon of lemon juice, the sour cream, the cooled down gelatin, and the filing of one lemon zest.
- We need to use a mixer to blend these ingredients.
- We whip the cream, and carefully add the whipped cream to the cottage cheese mix.

-  When the cream is done, we put it on top of the nutella coating on top of the sponge.
- And when the cake is put together, we hint unsweetened cocoa powder on top of it, and then we put the cake into the fridge for an entire day.
- During this time, the cake will chill. And it will be perfect when we want to cut it for serving!

This is how it should look! It is delicious, so I advise you to try it at home and it will sweeten your day!

Good Luck! :)

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  1. Roni!

    You absolutely should! And when you did, tell me how it turned out! :)

  2. Wow! This sounds AWESOME! :D

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  3. I'm sorry that it made you hungry... :D However, I'll be offering muffins for you during class!