2011. május 2., hétfő

The Nutella Bomb! I should call it...

Hey All!

So, this is my fifth blog about desserts.
It seems that I kind of lied when I first made this blog... 3 of 5 desserts did not even touch the oven. (I hope that's not a problem, though!)
So, I should not probably call it 'bake for fun' but rather something like 'eat for fun.'
Well anyway... I'm not going to say, that this is my last 'baking' blog... because I have plans about continuing it.
But my project is done, therefore, it is time to share with you the final dessert of my project!

So, my last choice of desserts is the Nutella Bomb!
Honestly, I did not know the actual name of this dish, so I made one up for it. But if you happen to be familiar with this dessert, then please tell me what name you know it by! Thank you!!! But for now, let's just stick with 'Nutella Bomb!'

So, the ingredients needed, are the following:
- 1 package of lady fingers (We've already used this when we made Zuppa Inglese);)
- 3 dl milk
- 1 dl rum or use aroma
-1 glass of nutella (the small kind, 400 g)
- 1 Mascarpone cheese (500 g) /this cheese is used for making tiramisu)
- 1 liter of whipped cream (it's in the state of simple cream first, and then we whip it at home)
- any  kind of fruit. I chose strawberries. :) but it is very good with cherry, or any red or dark fruit.

 We need a big glass bowl. (it turned out, that mine was NOT big enough...)

Step 1:
 - We need to mix the rum aroma with the milk.
- Then we can put the lady fingers one by one into the milk, but only for a period of 15 seconds at the most! Otherwise, it will melt. It should only be soaked for 15 seconds! Don't forget!!!!   Don't use too much at a time, because we will need to do a little bit of layering.

 Step 2: 
- Then we should put the lady fingers into the bowl, as one layer.

Step 3:
- Now it's time to work with the nutella and the mascarpone cheese. We should mix it together!

Step 4:
- When that is all done, we should put a layer of nutella- cheese cream on top of the lady fingers.
And then top that with a layer of fruits.

(sorry, my camera went stupid... and I didn't realize how blurry my pictures were.)

Step 5: 
- When we layered the fruits, we should whip the cream and put that on top of the fruits.

Step 6:
- We need to start the layering from the very beginning!

First the lady fingers and the nutella-cheese cream:

Then the strawberries and the whipped cream!

We could continue on for at least three layers, and we could be eating this for a week! 
But my bowl was not big enough, so I could only do two layers of everything.
If you want to, you can top the strawberries with more whipped cream. 
 I thought it looked the best with the fruits on the very top.

I hope you liked this dessert also, and if you'll ever decide on making it, it will satisfy your expectations!

Thanks for keeping up with me throughout my project! :)


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  1. OMG! I'll try it! Definitely!!! Ooooh... I'm hungry:D
    You're the best!

  2. Woah! If you keep on sharing such incredible recipes, I will surely propose you! :D Haha!

  3. Thank you Roni! That is very sweet of you! :)

  4. Tamás... you're so funny! :) Thanks for the nice compliments, but other than being able to eat sweets.. you probably wouldn't benefit from such a marriage. :)